Pelican Rodeo w/ Not Ben Shin, Malfunktion

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Doors at 8:00pm

Front Room

$5 Advance/$7 Day of show

All ages show. Check entry requirements at

Pelican Rodeo

On June 27th, 2015, Pelican Rodeo launched their debut album, Family Vacancy, an album years in the making. The songs take the listener on a journey through existential angst, grief, and love carried by the melodic tunes of the band's indie, folk, and rock influences.

Pelican Rodeo was formed in 2009 as a two-man group with Eric Wendt and Kyle Embke, playing small acoustic shows at local venues. The pair would spend hours practicing and writing new songs deep into the night.

In 2013, Pelican Rodeo expanded into a full band, adding three new members: Kalli Johnson (vocals/violin/bass), Jeremy Holt (keyboard), and Trevor Franz (percussion). After a busy first few months adapting the new instruments to the existing songs (oftentimes entirely changing the sound and melody), the band spent the summer playing shows at venues such as the The Hideout, The Waiting Room, and The 402 Arts Collective.

On May 23 of 2014, Pelican Rodeo released its first single, Winter, on internet distributors. In the following winter, they began work on Family Vacancy.

Not Ben Shin


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