Pkew Pkew Pkew / Waking the Neighbors / Hosting Monsters + TBA

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Black Heart Booking & A-13 Punk Rock with sponsorship by Piercings by Dave Brown present...

PKEW PKEW PKEW - punk rock on SideOneDummy Records from Toronto, Canada, eh?

We're 4 dudes from stupid small towns in Southern Ontario who have come together in Toronto and formed a band. Cool dudes. That's it for now. Just cool fuckin' dudes. We're the Lance Armstrongs of music, we dope.

Waking The Neighbors - pop punk / alternative rock from Omaha

WTN spans a variety of influences from Blink 182 90's esque pop punk sound to a fusion of Rage Against the Machine, Brand New, Linkin Park, All Time Low, The Deftones, Story of the Year, Lil Wayne, Taking Back Sunday, and even Eminem to name a few. We bring a huge sound with just a 3 piece and like to think we have a sound completely our own.

Hosting Monsters - punk / post punk / hardcore / rock from Lincoln

TBA local

$7 Advance / $10 at the door

8 PM (doors at 7 PM)

ALL AGES - Everyone must have a valid ID. Under 18 needs to be accompanied by a parent or guardian or have a notarized parental permission form:


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Lookout Lounge

(402) 391-2554

Arguably Omaha's best small venue for music, you'll find it all at The Lookout Lounge. The stage room is set up so every...