Pleiades & The Bear with Medlock, The Woodwork, & Nemaha County

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Pleiades & the Bear w/ Medlock, The Woodwork, & Nemaha County

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Pleiades and the Bear consists of four core members plus a rotating cast of drummers. The four singer-songwriters came together while playing various shows and open mics around Omaha, NE. Jonathan Knobbe, a regular performer at Omaha's Rose and Crown Pub, attracted the musical talents of Karmen DeLancey and Victoria Blodgett in the summer of 2012. The trio spent a lot of time busking on the the streets of downtown Omaha and playing some of the best shows of their lives at the Rose and Crown. Karmen then fled to California in the winter of 2013 but quickly returned to reunite with her band mates. Following her return, the group added the musical brilliance of local bluegrass performer, Daniel Butler, in late 2014. With the expansion of the sound, the group decided to add a drummer to the band, and started working with Omaha veteran Roselle Ledesma. With a full cast, the group started playing shows at venues including the Waiting Room, Harney Street Tavern, and O'Leavers. During these shows, Pleiades and the Bear has worked with the drumming talents of Will Holdcroft and Daniel Pflug as well.

The group is influenced by bands such as The Head and the Heart, Phox, First Aid Kit, and Death Cab for Cutie. Daniel Butler, influenced by the Avett Brothers and Green Sky Bluegrass, gives the group a slight bluegrass flavor, different than the original trio feel. Each band member rotates musical instruments, making live performances slightly tricky with various instrument changes in between songs. Daniel Butler plays most lead guitar and bass, while Karmen fingerpicks most rhythmic sections, plays piano and harmonica. Victoria accentuates the bluegrass feel with banjo while Jonathan Knobbe holds the entire band together with his various talents, usually playing bass or guitar.

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