Pneumad, deployed.

Sarah Cooper 127 views

"Pneumad," an inflatable structure created by architects E.B. Min and Jeffrey L. Day, will be deployed in Sheldon's Great Hall on the following dates in conjunction with the exhibition "Shape Up! Visualizing the Geometric World."

Friday, June 3, 4-7 PM

Tuesday, June 7, 5-9 PM

Tuesday, June 14, 5-9 PM

Tuesday, June 21, 5-9 PM

Tuesday, June 28, 5-9 PM

Friday, July 1, 4-7 PM

Sunday, July 17 12-5 PM

Combining PNEUmatic (air-flatable) architecture with a noMAD ethos, "Pneumad" enacts a form of antiheroic desire to escape permanence, solidity and place-bound dwelling. Recalling the revolutionary experimental fervor of 1968, but with twenty-first century technical sophistication, "Pneumad" is prototype for nomads who want to spread out. The inflatable offers one distinct advantage-it is not limited by the dimensions and volume of the vehicle itself. Complementing the mobile structure, "Pneumad" has no interior plan, no fixed infrastructure-everything moves. MOD's "Soft Stones" allow the nomad to resist fixity inside as well as out.

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