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On Sunday, September 10th, we'll be getting together to help raise funds for the first-ever Porchfest OMA festival, happening a few weeks later. These independent, neighborhood-based, family-oriented "Porchfest" events have been popping up all over the nation, and we're happy to help support Omaha's version.

Attendence to Porchfest OMA is free, and bands and other expenses are paid through sponsorships and donations. A portion of sales at this fundraiser event will go to that end, as well as donations.

The lineup for the fundraiser so far, with additions coming:

Aly Peeler

B. Baldwin

Rebecca Lowry

Ryan Hill

Matthew Cronin

Tica Felise

Jeremy Mercy

Adam Sherrerd

The inaugural Porchfest OMA is Friday, September 29, 2017. The festival will include musicians, bands, comedians, spoken word artists, and live art performances on 5 porch stages and the Farmer's Market stage from 5pm to 10pm in Omaha's Gifford Park Neighborhood located at 33rd & California Street.

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