Power Hour (Standup)

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Humans are so busy now-a-days, who even has time to laugh? Who has time to sit down and watch comedians perform their new material? Who has an HOUR to devote to comedy?

YOU DO. And that's why we made Power Hour!

This show lines up TEN of the areas best comedians (Omaha/Lincoln) to do 3 minutes of their BEST material. Not their brand new, not their one that lands sometimes, their GREASTEST JOKES THEY HAVE.If you've seen them before, you haven't like this, and if you've never seen stand up before WHAT ARE YOU DOING COME SEE WHAT'S HAPPENING IN YOUR OWN TOWN!

**This month, THE LAST POWER HOUR OF 2016, we've brought back some out of town-ers, and welcome some never before on power hour-ers!!**

This show is hosted by OEAA Comedian of the Year 2016, Rach B. Ware, presenting: Jimmy Putnam, Stephen Smith, Georgia Rae Comstock, Mike Vamosi, Preston Tompkins, David Burdge and MORE!

This wouldn't be a REAL Power Hour, without ALL BEER BEING $3 FOR THE SHOW. You heard me, ALL BEER IS $3 FOR POWER HOUR. I'm starting to think you have an hour free this Friday... See you at Power Hour!

***If you pay for the 8pm show, you get to see this one for FREE!***

Tickets are $5 per person.

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