Power Hour (Standup)

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This show lines up A TON of the areas greatest comedians to do short sets of their BEST material. They only have 3 minutes to win over the audience, and if they go over time, the host "Oscars" you off from the sound booth! If you want to see great standup comedy, this is the one to watch. This show has been standing room since 2016, and this time should be no exception- That's why we now sell tickets in advance! You've only got time for an hour of comedy, why waste any of that standing in line for a ticket!

This line-up promises big laughs, because we have comedians old and brand new to Power Hour this month:

John Dahlgren

Katie Anderson

Chad Hall

Dusty Stehl

Matt VanEpps

Stephanie Finklea

David Kousgaard

Brandon Cordes

This show, as always, is hosted by the talented, Rachel Ware!

It wouldn't be a true Power Hour if they're weren't drink specials either- ALL BEER IS $3 THIS HOUR. You call it, you pay $3 for it, we all enjoy one of the best stand up shows at The Backline!

Tickets are $5 per person.

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