PR0GATH0N at Shamrocks featuring: Human Teeth Parade, Sovereignty & Ledicious

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Come out for a night dedicated to Omaha's Progressive Rock and Metal Scene!

$7 Cover. 3 Prog bands. 21+

Human Teeth Parade - Instrumental Prog Trio

Sovereignty - Progressive Metal

Ledicious - 70's Inspired Progressive Hard Rock

But just what exactly is Progressive Music?

"Progressive" or "Prog" is a broad term that encompasses a set of characteristics that are uncommon in popular music as well the general concept of being innovative and pushing music into new territories. These traits include, but are not limited to, longer than average compositions, atypical song structures, odd and frequently changing time signatures, improvisation, unique rhythmic patterns, a strong sense of atmosphere, deeper lyrical concepts, and innovative production and recording techniques. The genres of Progressive Rock and Metal specifically bridge the gap between all subgenres encompassing many sounds and styles, including Rush, King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, Tool, Opeth, Mastodon, The Mars Volta, Between the Buried and Me, Coheed and Cambria, Tera Melos, and even The Beatles, as well as many more. Another in-depth explanation can be found here:

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