Pun Crock V: Outlaws and Guffaws

Matthew Blevins 2,767 views

Pun Crock is back at The Barley Street Tavern for another servin' of entertainment from those good ol' boys from I29 Comedy Productions

This month those rascals have got a show you ain't likely to forget with music from Peter Earl and The Bedrock and special musical guest Randall Gruber and the chaw chompin' gut bustin' antics of Kevin Michael and his musical brand o' comedy. But that ain't all, we got comedy performances from a gang of comedians that'll never fail to get your goose, includin' Jason Regan, Tyler Walsh, Dominic D.C. Cronin, Patty Fanciullo, and Trent Lee Kutchara

So butter my butt and call me a biscuit, if you miss out on this show for only $5 then you don't know dipshit from apple butter!

Doors at 8PM show at 9PM, only 5 bucks at the door

I29 Comedy Productions, Let's Get This Show On the Road!

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