Quiet Oaks w/ The Way Out and Sapien Sounds

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9pm. $5. 21+

Quiet Oaks is a quintet from Salt Lake City, UT. Formed in the spring of 2015.

Consisting of members:

Dane Sandberg, Spencer Sayer, Jon Butler, Kramer McCausland, & Mike Moon

The group plays a unique form of rock and roll. They maintain a rowdy and chaotic energy, while providing a familiar and welcoming sound. The members of Quiet Oaks have played music together for many years. Although they are a new project, the group has an undeniable connection to what they do, and how they play together. Gaining popularity due to their raucous live show, they are quickly showing us what they are capable of.

Quiet Oaks debut EP 'Put Your Dreams Where They Belong' was released on September 18, 2015.

w/ The Way Out and Sapien Sounds

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