Rachel Price w/ Kaylyn Sahs

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To singer-songwriter Rachel Price, "home" represents a number of very special things. One is her hometown of O'Neill, Nebraska - population 3,700 - to which she'll always be deeply connected. Another is her memories of road trips with her dad, listing to rock 'n' roll in the car, which deepened her love for music. And then Nashville, Tennessee, where she settled almost three years ago to pursue a life in music full time.

It's also her heartfelt new six-song EP Home, on which Price both acknowledges her enduring bond with her roots on the range, and looks ahead to shape her identity as an artist with new journeys. With her sweet voice tinged with a touch of rasp - both earthy and delicate - and a charmingly off center knack for organically feeling her way through a song with simplicity and conviction, she is smoothly cruising down that road.

At only 20, singer/songwriter Kaylyn Sahs is already making a name for herself in her hometown of Omaha as well as on the Internet and social media.

Kaylyn, a multi-instrumentalist whose widely-regarded covers include upbeat pop music by Carrie Underwood, Sara Bareilles, Ben Rector and others, has earned notoriety among a fan base who love her infectious energy and upbeat spirit. Her clear, slightly airy tone has occasional raspy undertones and is hard to compare with any other singer. Her voice has been described by others as being like that of pure gold. Kaylyn's smile radiates her inner joy and she has a deep love for others.


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