RADolescents / HAJJ / RAF at Lookout Lounge

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Black Heart Booking & A-13 Punk Rock present...

Radolescents - Radolescents (featuring song writers Rikk Agnew and Casey Royer) play the ADOLESCENTS blue album in sequence in it's entirety + All 3 songs from WELCOME TO REALITY EP. The line-up is all ex-Adolescents members!

with HAJJ (featuring members of CLEPTO) & RAF: Omaha Hardcore Punk

At Lookout Lounge

$10 ADV or $13 DOS / 8 PM / ALL AGES

Lookout Lounge

(402) 391-2554

Arguably Omaha's best small venue for music, you'll find it all at The Lookout Lounge. The stage room is set up so every...