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Dr Jack's Drinkery presents...

RAF: Omaha Punk Rock - R.A.F. (Ready Aim Fire) began in 1984, as most punk bands do... High School friends who met at the proverbial teen dives like the Subterranean Cafe, that catered to the artsy outcasts. We've decided to just DO IT again. New songs, new perspective and totally stoked to be playing together again. Paul Moerke, Dereck Higgins, Tim Cox, Danny Vigilate and Matt Miller giving a big thumbs up for Kelley Collier on vocals.


Westside Proletariat - hardcore/punk from Lincoln, NE

http://www.thebandbrokeup.com/2010/09/06/westside-proletariat/ (


The Decaf List - Omaha Punk rock


Gutterslut - Omaha hardcore/thrash/punk

$5 - 9 PM - 21+

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