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Born August 6th 1989, Nikko McFadden is of Caucasian and Hispanic Background. Born into a military family He's lived through-out the States and Overseas as a child. A divorce at the age of 8 caused a shift in his upbringing.

After his mother took custody, he quickly became familiar with the wrong end of the law. Then being kicked out of his mother's house at the age of 16 led to a full time struggle of trying to get to his next meal and find somewhere to sleep. He went in and out of juvenile halls before he turned 18.

Homeless at 17, and turning 18 in August of 2007, he realized the trouble was more severe in punishment. In October of 2007 he was arrested for drug related charges. 6 months later he was sentenced to an 8 year state penitentiary bid. He sat the mandatory 30 months and was paroled in May of 2010.

This was the point in his life where he decided to reevaluate his priorities. Raised by his mother, and the oldest of his siblings, becoming a man was a journey made alone. He's now been released from parole and made family and music his main priorities. He also speaks to different youth groups around South Dakota about drug use and being a troubled teenager.

With an independent EP and a popular DJ out of DC hosted mixtape, he's released a full length LP and is about to release his softmore follow up July 5th 2014. "Real Life Music Volume 1: Reflections of an Underdog" was a 15 track LP, with a mixture of thoughtful, creative, and authentic lyrics over original instrumentals. The album release party was a SOLD OUT event at a 400 person capacity venue. "Real Life Music Vol. 2: Ordinary People" is a conceptual album and shows the growth of his music and his mindframe. It was written to show a generalized perspective, and also his own point of view on all angles of life.

He's had shows he's headlined (2014) with almost 700 people attending, and has multiple performances with National artist like Nelly, MGK, Kid Ink, Tech N9ne, Slim Thug, Twista, Yelawolf, Ritz, Stevie Stone, Ying Yang Twins, Chingy & more in an out of South Dakota. He's known for charismatic stage presence. He has had poetry featured in Newspapers and an article in the statewide "605 Magazine". He has five High quality music videos on YouTube "Ordinary People", "Keep Your Head Up", "Got u like", "Modern Day Blues", and "Still Me". He also has old and new videos of freestyles and performances. He now has received a sponsorship from and clothing company out of Florida.

While his past is a huge facet for his music, he doesn't let it weigh him down. He's been involved with multiple non-profit fundraisers, and also worked hand-in-hand with troubled children since his release and is passionate about seeing a change. This is one man\artist that is constantly reminded that you can come from the gutters and make a positive environment for others with similar struggles. He will be someone to watch for in the near future.

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