Red Delicious

Sarah Cooper 1,136 views

We're the area's freshest, sweetest, tastiest party band in the Omaha / Lincoln area! From the Motown and Soul greats of the 1960s to '70s Honky Tonk, and from 80s Rock to today's Pop and Club favorites, we're sure to shake your tree! And we aren't limited to a single set list--we tailor each show to fit our audience--and we make it seem even! So if you need a special song performed that no other band problem. Our musicians didn't just fall off the tree, and no toxic chemicals ever touch our we can master songs in hours, not days. Red Delicious can pretty much spice up anything from any genre from the last 1,000 years.

Ozone Lounge


Ozone lounge is one of Omaha's best live music venues. Located next to Anthony's Steakhouse off of 72nd st and I80 its easy to get...