Red, Lacey Sturm, Righteous Vendetta at The Bourbon

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Doors: 7 p.m. || Show: 8 p.m. || All Ages

$20: Advance || $25: Day of Show || $2 Minor Fee at the Door

Tickets On-Sale January 8th @ 10 a.m.

::: RED :::

To be human is to wonder what happens when youre gone and to question your existence in the meantime: Why am I here, and what will be left of me when Im not?For the members of REDMichael Barnes and identical twins Anthony and Randy Armstrongthe fearless search for those answers lives with them every day, on the road, in their records, and in their latest release, GONE.We dug a little deeper, talking about issues like what were leaving behind for our families, what were leaving behind for the people who knew us, Randy says of the trios sixth studio album since their Grammy-nominated debut, END OF SILENCE, in 2006.If we died tomorrow, what would be the legacy that we leave behind? What would people talk about us for? That's not just as a band but as individuals, he says. Everybody, at some point in their life, contemplates their mortality and wonders if people will miss them when they're gone or what they'll say about them when they're gone.Heres what one reviewer said about that, after RED was gone from a Columbus, Ohio, stage: Lyrically, their performance was smart, with their own brand of uplifting-yet-heavy edge, with a real focus on finding the beauty in everyday life, pain, and strife.


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