Revision: How to Work With What You Started


What does a poet's workday have in common with a costume designer's? And how is their work similar to an entrepreneur's? How about a chef's, or a cancer doctor's?

These questions, and more, will be answered by experts from a wide range of disciplines as they come together for a new series called "PROCESS: How Creative Thinking Gets Work Done," which will be hosted by the KANEKO-UNO Creative Library and UNO Writer's Workshop.

PROCESS will include four panel discussions, beginning in November and running through May 2015, focused on four stages of the creative process: "First Drafts," "Revision," "Completion" and "Critique."

The second of four in the PROCESS series is "Revision: How to Work With What You Started," on

Thursday, Jan. 15, 2015.

Panelists include oncologist Bernie Su; therapist Nikki Zimmerman; sculptor and UNO alumnus Bart Vargas; and Joe Dionicio, head chef of Taita.

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