Rock N Horse


Renee Sheehan Lead Vocals

Renee has been christened a "Rock and Roll Cowgirl" by her friends with an unbelievable vocal range that continues to amaze her followers.. Something of a gypsy she was born in Florida but lived in Iowa, Wisconsin, Colorado, Arizona before landing in Nebraska. Renee started singing early in her career in smaller venues with the band "SounDogz" before hitting the professional stage in 2010 at the suggestion of a friend. Renee then auditioned with Balsa Dragon, an Omaha based classic rock band and was honored to be the female front person from that point forward. Renee has a degree in Communication from the University of Colorado although anyone that listens to her sing would think she majored as a vocalist Renee's influences have been Heart, Journey, Pat Benatar, Martina McBride and Reba. Currently living out in the sticks in Washington County with her beloved dogs and horses in a very secluded fashion, until Renee hits the stage and electrifies the audience! This is a vocalist you won't want to miss!

Steve Glandt Drums and Lead Vocals

Steve has played drums for most of his life and is influenced by many styles including Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz and Progressive Rock: he has a passion for music. Steve's ability to handle lead vocals while keeping the beat is a true enhancement to his ability to "drive the band." Steve has performed publically for years and experienced local success with the Omaha classic rock cover band Crazy Chester. Steve also enjoys other musical side projects when time from the busy Rock N Horse schedule allows. When you can't find Steve behind his drum kit you'll probably find him kicking back listening to his extensive music collection or hitting the off road trails on his mountain bike! Steve is deeply spiritual and his devoted to his wife and daughters.

Tersh Kepler Bass Guitar

Tersh has been on stage performing since the age of 15 and has been a Bassist for many successful Omaha based bands over the years such as "The Rapid Fire Band", "The Merwin Lee Band", and " Desperate Bandwives" While touring the Midwest in the late 70's and early 80's Tersh' s band opened up for many "National Acts" such as Head East, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Savoy Brown, Heartsfield, Amazing Rhythm Aces, Uriah Heep, Three Dog Night just to mention a few.. Tersh is a very entertaining Bass Player to watch and when his bass playing is combined with the drumming of Steve Glandt the two create an awesome rhythm section that will keep you moving. Tersh's music has been influenced by mostly Southern Rock, but if asked he will tell you that all great music styles have influenced him. Over the years and away from being a bassist, Tersh has enjoyed practicing Muay Thai kickboxing, family and anything to do with the outdoors. Tersh is married to his spiritual soul mate and best friend Mary Frances, another very popular Omaha vocalist who are both blessed with four fantastic children.

London Lead Guitar

London hails from Seattle where he started playing in clubs at the age of 14. He later went on to join the band Barracudda opening for such national acts as Heart, Montrose, Dio, Foghat, Y&T and more. London decided to attend G.I.T < Guitar Institute of Tech> as well as studying online with Berkley music college with the Steve Vai course ,and recently with shredmaster German Schauss and Michael Fath. London has released 4 cd:s and is currently working on his 5th. London loves to shred on guitar as well as putting on a show that leaves people stunned, playing with his teeth and tongue as well as behind the head and a few other secret things you have to see to believe. All I can say is WOW.This Man has to be seen to be believed. London enjoys Krav Maga and just received his black belt and loves being an "Elder" in his church.

Mark Donnelson Keyboard and Lead Vocals

Mark came aboard the "Rock N Horse" bandwagon in June 2014 to become their Keyboardist/Vocalist. After playing in many Omaha bands as well as backing up some well known national acts during his musical career, Mark brings a perfect style to complete the Rock N Horse line up. Mark started playing piano as a youth and continued classical training through college. Mark has been influenced by artist such as Styx, Dream Theater, Kansas and Journey. Mark adds so much to the sound of Rock N Horse with his melodies and vocal harmonies which creates an extremely rich backdrop. Mark is an ordained Deacon at his church, and also plays piano & organ for services from time to time.


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