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It was Fall, 1991, in the back of Mr. Richards' Benson High band room. Jeremy McManis (Goose), Will Oxford, and Josh Dunwoody decided to start a band and take over the world, Room 100 was formed. As a band made up of two drummers and a bass player, they went on the hunt for a guitar player. They tried every phone booth they could find to travel back in time to get Eddie Van Halen, but never had any luck. Josh picked up a guitar, learned Johnny B. Goode, and the 3 decided to play shows and save up their money to buy a Delorean as they had seen this work before. For the next few years Room 100 toured all over Benson, Keystone, and even South Omaha playing backyards, basements, and Pizza Huts while amazing the BHS cheerleaders, but they never made enough money to buy a time machine. As time went on, the guys in the band got older, but the BHS cheerleaders stayed the same age and eventually Jimmy quit, Jody got married; they should've known they'd never get far. Will went on to be an international recording sensation, Josh played local shows and focused on social media politics, but Goose locked his Les Paul bass away vowing to never play again unless it was with Room 100.

In the Summer of 2015, a BHS cheerleader from their past showed back up in Benson and was reunited with Josh, whom by this time had a son named Cannon that was ready to start High-school. Josh and his cheerleader took Cannon to Benson High for freshman open house. As they walked through the doors of the band room, a small Benson Bunny with wings came down from the sky and kissed Cannon's fingers. A bright light from the heavens came through the band room windows and overtook Josh as he threw his hands in the air and said, "THE BAND, CANNON!!! THE BAND!!!" It was then that Josh knew that they never needed to go back in time to get Eddie Van Halen, they needed to go into the future and get Cannon! A single, slow clap could be heard and soon it grew bigger and faster and called on Goose and Will from all over 68104. Just then, the band room doors flew open and there were Goose, Will, Josh, and Cannon all together in the very room where it all began back in 1991 and Room 100 was finally complete and ready to take over the world playing songs that were old when they were playing them back in the day.

Come, be taken over and amazed by Room 100 as they melt your face with songs from Guns-N-Roses, CCR, Poison, Alice Cooper, Clapton, The Eagles and yes, you will hear FREEBIRD in it's entirety at every awesome show.

No cover!

$2 tall boys!

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