Sam Martin w/ Small Houses & Midwest Dilemma at Reverb Lounge

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Sam Martin

with Small Houses & Midwest Dilemma

Tickets: $7

On sale 1/26 at 10am:

All ages / Doors at 7pm

In America, the sodium lights of a Walmart parking lot and the klieg lights in stadiums give off the same circle blurs. Young blood and old blood run alike. Tornadoes are made more menacing by Foley artists. The mall is the last navigable space for the elderly to trot in their tracksuits unimpeded. Nobody says hello. Social networking is the new vanity plate. The answer to guns is to put guns on top of guns, says a man who's never fingered one. Costumed cats are posed for fake Internet points. The girl you love rides off into the night on the back of a vintage motorcycle. There is never anything interesting on Channel 9. Country music is a pageant. Allergies are just an excuse to leave the party early. Nobody really wants to hear anybody's sorrow; they're just waiting their turn to talk. In this wasteland of up highs, down lows, you're too slows, Sam Martin tries. Is giving it an honest go. Another comer etching his ode to Past and Present by scrawling words in the dirt. Only his stick is sharper. And it's not a stick, it's a saber. And it is magnificent.

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