Samuel Scott McCumber

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"To me, the best music happens organically. Capturing the emotions in moments through lyrics that are so resoundingly strong that they give you goosebumps. That, that is good music." says Omaha, Nebraska based musician Samuel Scott McCumber.

As a singer songwriter, Samuel focuses on writing about feelings, events, and memories that have brought him to today. In his early twenties, Samuel toured regionally with the reggae and alternative rock band, Crown's Folly. As the lead singer and guitarist, Samuel began his musical journey living life on the road, seldom knowing which adventure the tour would lead him to next.

After completing the band's tour, Samuel focused on his solo music career in his home state. Along the way, he met his now wife and label manager, Kelli, and began working at a local bank. Alongside his corporate job, Samuel released his first three singles under Flatwater Village label on iTunes in January 2017.

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