Seahawks vs Saints

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The Session Room is the hottest upcoming bar in North Downtown Omaha ... and the home of the Seattle Seahawks Fans!!

Are you a Nebraska for Seahawks?? Join us for every game!

Cheer on your favorite team while enjoying amazing food (like our signature pizza cone), cocktails, and a huge craft beer selections!

Even if you're not a Seahawks Fan (maybe even a Saints fan), we invite you join us every Sunday. We have the NFL Sunday Ticket and will be showing every game, every Sunday!

If you haven't been to our bar yet, you can expect great service, plenty of seating, lots of TVS, and of course our huge beer garden complete with bag sets to entertain during half time!

Session Room

(402) 342-4393

We at The Session Room are committed to bringing a unique entertainment experience to Downtown Omaha. Situated in a historic 19th...