Sexy Nerd Ugly Sweater

Jacob Christoffersen 98 views

Deck the halls with ugly Christmas sweaters! How ugly can you make it? I want you all to look like a Christmas tree threw up on you!! Here is what to expect...

- $5 cover UNLESS you are in an ugly sweater and/or bring food.

- Yuletide potluck!!! Bring your favorite holiday dish or comfort food!! Drink discounts for those who bring something on top of wearing an ugly sweater!!

- Contest for ugliest sweater (EXTRA POINTS IF IT IS NERDY IN SOME WAY)!! The winner will receive a $10 bar tab and free entry into CONgregation 2015: Genesis in April!!

- Christmas Carol karaoke....okay you don't HAVE to do a Christine Swinneytmas song, but it would be good if some did to get us all in the spirit!!

- 100 oz Fishbowl drinks starting at just $10!!!

- Holiday decorations all over!! The halls will be decked fo sho!!

Happy Holidays from The Omaha Sexy Nerd Society!!

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