Show & Tell StorySLAM

Bryce Kneeland 680 views

Join us for another edition of the Show & Tell StorySLAM at The Sydney in Benson. This is a fun, loose, (kind of) competitive storytelling event for adults. This month's theme is "Listen up, Kids." Hopeful storytellers should prepare a 5- to 8-minute story to share with the crowd.

Terrified of the stage? We need audience members to cheer on our storytellers. Judges will be chosen from the audience. Prizes will be awarded to the top three storytellers based on judges' scores. Co-hosted by Omaha Public Library and Nebraska Writers Collective. Storytellers are encouraged to register prior to the event here --->

Ground Rules:

Stories need to be true

Visual aids and artifacts allowed

Stories must be shorter than 8 minutes

Follow the theme: LISTEN UP, KIDS.

The Sydney

(402) 932-9262

All shows at The Sydney are 21+. Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: @thesydneybenson...