Skyloft with Here/After, The Fat Timmys, & Emily Ward at Reverb

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Skyloft CD Release

w/ Here/After, The Fat Timmys, & Emily Ward

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Doors at 7pm

SKY\\LOFT is comprised of a duo hailing from OMAHA, NEBRASKA; Anthony Flakus (Vocals/Piano/Bass) and Tyler Lewis (Drums/Percussion). Since the band's formation in July 2015, they have slowly but surely been gaining ground in their hometown with no intent of slowing down. SKY\\LOFT's first studio full length is under development and is expected to be released later in 2016.

Lead by a charismatic vocalist, driven by a powerful rhythm section, SKY\\LOFT is a no-gimmick band of two very hard working musicians with an aim to evoke change. In an industry that swears by self-gratification and refuses to confront its conflicts within, it's no wonder that everything that you hear on the forefront of media tends to sound like the same old thing packaged only slightly differently.

To Tyler & Anthony, music is something that should be transformative to the listener, and actively engaging to those that partake. It's true that what goes in is what comes out. SKY\\LOFT promises to put in heart, dedication, and sacrifice as opposed to the shallow and empty content that is so well adored in our day. The difference is choosing WHAT to use that powerful influence for, and the only thing it truly is worth is, to offer honesty- without gimmicks in the best way we can to anyone who would lend their ear.

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