SORE LIPS Halloween Costume Party!

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Ayyyeee, We're Having a Costume Party!!!

A Dance Party for the Perpetually Brokenhearted

Sad Boys Lonely Club Presents:


2 Sad Boys, 4 Turntables

Come spend the night dancing away all your miseries with "Mr Pitiful" Brian Crow of M34n Str33t and "El Triste" Richie Daggers of BORN WILD aka the Sad Boys Lonely Club while we play the BEST/SADDEST oldies rock n roll, doo wop, soul, funk, reggae, new wave, punk, hip hop, and probably lots and lots of Morrissey....

The Sydney

(402) 932-9262

All shows at The Sydney are 21+. Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on Instagram: @thesydneybenson...