Space4Lease w/ Walk By Sea and The Hottman Sisters

Abigail Gentrup 751 views

9pm. $5. 21+

Space4Lease (Oklahoma City):

Walk By Sea:

The Hottman Sisters:

Based out of Oklahoma City, OK. If Coldplay, Pink Floyd and Mac Miller flew through a wormhole this is what awaits on the other side. A psychedelic rock outfit with a wide spectrum of influences and capabilities. space4lease eclectic sound, various influences, and wide capabilities create a unique sound and sonic world of their own all curated from lyrical content of inevitable life experiences, lost love and the unknown / whilst layered in lush scapes that sit upon a distinct plane of individuality.. Their live shows harness deep energy and an alternative intuition. The bands new "Hiraeth" EP due Spring 2016 along with an exciting release of tour dates in uncharted territory.

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