Spectrum Dance Theater: A Rap on Race

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A Rap on Race, based on the famous 1970 talk, enlivens the conversation on race. Choreographer Donald Byrd and playwright Anna Deavere Smith combine dance and theater to create a groundbreaking piece.

In 1970, two towering personalities of American intelligentsia sat together and recorded a conversation about the defining subject of the American experience: race. Mead, 68 years old, white and liberal, was the most famous anthropologist of the 20th Century. Baldwin, 46, black, living in exile in France, was one of the most prominent novelists. The two had never met before. Their conversation, carried out in three long sessions over two long days, was tape recorded, transcribed and published as a book.

Now over 40 years later, two contemporary artistic icons, Smith (best known for her documentary theater style in plays such as "Fires in the Mirror" and "Twilight: Los Angeles") and legendary choreographer Donald Byrd, re-imagine this monumental moment in history through an evening of devised dance and theater. In this innovative production featuring the world-renowned dancers of Spectrum Dance Theater.

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