Storytime 2: Home Alone


Storytime 2: Home Alone

Thursday, December 18th

8:20PM @ Slowdown

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Last year daOMA partnered with AIGA Nebraska to host Storytime at Slowdown- a foggy night that went down in history!

We're partnering again this year to make this holiday season even more entertaining...Kevin McCallister style.

Come watch a holiday classic retold as 10 creatives put their own spin on blockbuster movie Home Alone using the unique qualities of their discipline.

You do not want to miss this!

Here's the lineup of speakers:

Adam Casey

Jeremiah Bigelow

Patrick Kinney

Niki Dibble

Dylan Baumann + Will Riley

Travis Lee

Bridget McQuillan

Jessica McKay

Monica Ghali

Michelle Ploeger

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