StrangeLand Electronic Dance Music & Camping Festival 2015 - Day 2

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Old Skool Underground Presents: StrangeLand Electronic Dance Music & Camping Festival 2015

Omaha’s premier outdoor E.D.M. event to kick off the summer festival season!
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100 Tickets at $20 * 100 Tickets at $25 * 1000 Tickets at $30 

What is Strangeland?

Strangeland is a perfect storm of influential groups, djs, producers, bands, and lovely people from all walks of life, coming together to celebrate each other. Held annually and after a sellout event in 2014, this years event promises to be a experience you will not soon forget!  

Strangeland is a world unlike any other you've ever visited. A community of friends and wizards, familiar, and strange all the same, built on a foundation of love and mutual respect for one another. 

Strangeland is a place where no matter who you are, what you are, what you do, what you look like, or what type of interests you enjoy, you will be embraced with open arms and open minds. 

In Strangeland we encourage you to create your own world with your own philosophy and outlook on life, and to share that with those around you.

Become a citizen of Strangeland and let us help you manifest your own reality!

........Question is........ ARE YOU ready to get STRANGE?

Satuday Line-Up - Beach Stage

10am: SoulEntity
11am: Real EyezFuture
Noon: Roscoe White
1pm: AnOmen
2pm: Johnny Sway
3pm: Taste of Bass
4pm: MyHeadHertz
5pm: natron88

Saturday Line-Up - Band Stage

Noon: Extra Fresh
2pm: Black Finger
4pm: TBA
6pm: DJEM
8pm: Linear Symmetry

Saturday Line-Up - Campground Stage

10pm: Wrekafekt
11pm: DJ Mista Soull
Midnight: Avox
1am: House Kats

Sunday Line-Up

2am: Captain
3am: Blaqout
4am: Breaks Nation
5am: Dj UpChuck / NOVAFREAKY
6am: Yoshi Demons
7am: Grinz Tsuji
8am: John Wilcox
9am: Tyler Mosier


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