Sunleaf w/ Soul Phlegm and Emilio Cruz

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9pm. $5. 21+

Sunleaf w/ Soul Phlegm and Emilio Cruz

"The group 'Sunleaf' puts on an enjoyable set of punk rock tunes. One element that does separate them from many punk acts is their inclusion of piano in their sound which gave them a more diverse feel. Their songs were comprised of simple chord progressions, typical of the genre they play. It could be said that their style draws comparisons to the early work of Brand New or, perhaps more fittingly, You Blew It! of Orlando. While the piano lines and vocals provided a somewhat more subdued side to the music, the crunchy guitar (with just the right amount of reverb) and drumming mounted an all-out assault on the eardrums. The drummer of Sunleaf was perhaps the most notable component. He played with an extremely heavy-handed style, punishing his kit for a crime unknown. This power gave the music a huge boost of intensity that really brought it all together. Despite his heavy-handedness, however, the drummer played with incredible finesse. He tactfully planned out drum fills and largely strayed away from typical rock." --Greg Puckett,

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