Super Happy Funtime Burlesque

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Super Happy Funtime Burlesque

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Super Happy Funtime Burlesque is much more than a burlesque show. Led by polymath performer, Corey Ruffin, as his manic alter-ego Mr Happypants, MIchigan based SHFB presents a show that is a blend of musical theater, comedy, stunts, sexiness, and rock and roll that tours the nation nearly 150 days out of the year. One of few burlesque shows in the nation that uses a live band, SHFB goes one step further by using a live band playing all original music! Live and original music propels SHFB out of the realm of standard variety show and nostalgia fare into a well rehearsed troupe performing daring and out there musical theater that is a blend of SNL, South Park, and the Price is Right. With a dedication to pushing the boundaries of good taste, catchy tunes, and a show that must be seen to be believed; SHFB is truly a show without compare.

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