Super Mega Funtime Birthday Bash

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Look! Up in the sky! Is it a birthday? Is it a party? It's both!

Come help celebrate more than 1 and less than 100 years of life with Mike Ekoh, Sunny Lynn, and the goodtimes gang at the Super Mega Funtime Birthday Bash at Bar 415.

DJs Zachary Tiller and Mike Ekoh from VariousArtists will be performing this evening alongside special guests Zach Sanders and MyHeadHertz.

*VariousArtists (O Force)


Who looks fabulous, sounds great, and smells like a bouquet of freshly cut rainbows? VariousArtists. That's who!

Arising from the cosmic inflation billions of years ago after the Big Bang, local DJs Zachary Tiller and Mike Ekoh met and soon after became "Super Besties". As such, they evolved individually throughout the years as musicians and collectively as friends. However, this wasn't enough. It's never enough! The next logical step was to combine their musical prowess into a super force that shines brighter than Polaris.

Whether it be the the jackin' sounds of House, the cold and calculating rhythms of Techno, the glitz and glam of Disco, the doom and gloom of Drum & Bass, the poppin' and lockin' of hippin' and hoppin', or the top of the pops, they do it all, and they do it all for you.

*Jeremy Morehead aka MyHeadHertz (HHN, Deadbeatz)

-House, Electro, Techno-

Jeremy spent 15 years hammering out shows with metal and rock bands in the mid-west before frustration got the best of him. Searching for a way to make music on his own and get back to the electronic music he loved, Jeremy spent several years learning production technique and various live performance models before taking things to the next level.

Living in a sparse rural area, Jeremy was hard pressed to find others who shared his passion until joining forces with Zach Sanders (Sandman) and forming Bruxia. The two of them along with a handful of other DJ/producers in their area went on to put together several shows with their style of hard-hitting, heady house music and brutal grinding Dubstep drops until they managed to find a complimentary style.

With influences ranging from Prodigy, Aphex Twin, Eskmo, and Amon Tobin, to Crookers, Claude Von Stroke, and Botnek, Jeremy has learned to live up to his name by giving the crowd something to think about along with something to pound their fists and jump to. It's what he loves and it shows with every performance.

*Zach Sanders (HHN, Deadbeatz)

-House, Electro, Techno-

If you haven't heard about this gentleman yet, you will soon, for he is as they say, "going places". Saving his technical wizardry for the dance floor, Zach likes to keep it simple in writing. Zach is a producer and DJ from Nebraska and he is NOT fucking around. The end.

Bar 415

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Bar 415 is super-hip dance club more likely to be found in New York than in a small Midwest cubbyhole. The dark and elegant venue...