Super Sunday Funday Women's Expo

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Rockstar Hats By Jamie & The Reverb Lounge are teaming up for the first ever women's bazaar to be held at the one and only Reverb Lounge in Benson, Nebraska. This is an all ages event open to the public and has no cover charge. There will be many vendors on hand catering towards today's modern woman. Master Bartender Allie Schrader is creating a very special menu of unique adult beverages for this event.

Here is who we have so far, more to come. Any inquiries to join or sponsor future events contact Jamie Campbell at


Rockstar Hats by Jamie (of course)

LuLaRoe - Beth & Lauri

Jamberry - Lisa Brazeal

Arbonne - Annette Brazeal

Tupperware (catalogs only)

Massage - Kaye Smalley

Amway - Evie Littlegeorge

Reverb Lounge


Located in the heart of Benson, Reverb is a welcome addition to the list of venues in Omaha. With a state-of-the-art sound and lighting...