Superhero Sandbox Weekly Nerd and Geek Hangout

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Whether you are into sci-fi/fantasy, horror, comic books, video or board games, cosplay, anime/manga, science, or anything else nerds and geeks love, you will feel right at home in the Superhero Sandbox. The Omaha Sexy Nerd Society's weekly nerd and geek hangout! Every week we have a different theme and different and exciting ways to have fun! We always have karaoke and themed drink specials, as well as one of the best and most accepting crowds of people you will find! Check out our list of events on and come join us in the Sandbox!!

13th Street Brickhouse

(402) 341-1991

13th Street Brickhouse Sports Bar is Omaha's best kept secret. Convenienty located close to downtown Omaha next to Sokol Auditorium...