Thanksgiving Eve Party On Beer Corner USA

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Who's ready for our annual Thanksgiving Eve Party!?

Every year the night before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest nights of the year for Omaha's craft beer fans come and give thanks for the awesome craft beer scene that has grown and was started right here on Beer Corner USA back in 1996!

The Crescent Moon Alehouse has always been known as the place to find great brews in town before Omaha had the options they do now, and with the addition of The Huber Haus German Bier Hall in the spring of 2005 and Max & Joe's Belgian Tavern in the fall of 2006 the choices offered have more than doubled since our humble beginnings, so we want to invite you, and all your family and friends in for the thanksgiving Holiday to join us again this year aw we give thanks to you, the craft beer drinkers of Omaha!

This year will be NO different!!

The Crescent Moon Alehouse - Open at 11am

(Happy Hour runs 4-7pm)

• $1 off all Nebraska brewed beers on tap or in bottles!

The Huber Haus German Bier Hall - Open at 4pm

• Members of The Huber Haus Mug Club get 25% off biers on tap they drink all night - sorry, excludes boots or special priced biers

• November Mug Club Party 4-9pm

Max & Joe's Belgian Tavern - Opens at 5pm

• Members of Max & Joe's Belgian Beer Society get 20% off biers on tap they drink - sorry,excludes special priced beer

In all 3 bars we have:

$3 Long Island Ice Tea's

See you all next Wednesday night for one hell of a party!!

(Remember, Beer Corner USA is closed on Thanksgiving, so come get your party on Wednesday Night!!!)

Crescent Moon Ale House

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