The 365 to India Launch Party

Blake Higginbotham 51 views

Articulate and DJ CMB
Midtown Marauders
Artillery Funk 

$7 (All proceeds will be donated to an orphanage in Kerala, India)


Entering the final stretch of a musical marathon, join MC Articulate and the turntablist DJ CMB on their journey to slaughter molecules with soundwaves and celebrate the launch of Articulate's 365 to India Indiegogo Campaign. Midtown Marauders will be there moving mountains with monstrously moral mole hills, and for added ballistic pressures, Artillery Funk will be representing old school gun powder friction to get the party popping properly!!!!

Lookout Lounge

(402) 391-2554

Arguably Omaha's best small venue for music, you'll find it all at The Lookout Lounge. The stage room is set up so every...