The 402


The 402″ is PROUD to be a Cover Band allowing their fans to remember some great tunes from years before, as well as some current selections on the radio today. However they are excited to comprise the talent to create their own music as an Original Band when the time is right also. "The 402″ is a versatile and diverse group ready to entertain all audiences. They have a high level of energy which will be hard to match, and resist from dancing ultimately having a great time.

If you're from Nebraska or have placed a phone call to Nebraska, you are most likely aware of where the name came from. The state has two main Area Codes as of 2013, and (402) is the one which covers the majority of the state's population. Chris & Eddie believed this name represented their band in a simplistic, self explanatory and filled with pride way. They are proud to be from Nebraska and wanted the band name to show that.

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Ozone Lounge


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