The 90s Can Eat My Shorts

Bobbi White 72 views

So you're a fan of the 90s, eh?

Don't get us wrong. So are we. We remember slap bracelets, You Can't Do That on Television, Supersoakers, Saved by the Bell, Pogs, and the true and natural heyday of Boy Bands...but we also remember toe rings, rat tails, JNCOs, and the rise of the wallet chain. It wasn't all Starter Jackets and Pauly Shore, you know?

Since we tackled the 80s last year, Join us for this themed performance, food, and art event where we'll finally try to sort out the 90s.

No physical ticket is required for admission once you have completed your purchase via the web site or at the box office. All admissions include dinner. This event is "rated" PG-13. Younger guests are welcome, but please contact us to discuss age appropriateness if you have any concerns.

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