The Architects // Little Brazil // The Beat Seekers

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The Architects

Little Brazil

The Beat Seekers

Friday, April 15th

Lookout Lounge, 720 South 72nd St.

9 p.m. show, $8


YES, the return of KCMO's the Architects to these Midwesternly shores. With Little Brazil & the Beat Seekers. Stacked bill, indeed.

The Architects

Little Brazil

Four guys from Nebraska raised on Fugazi, Guided By Voices, Superchunk, and Busch Light.

The Beat Seekers

Rock n' Roll aint dead, It's just waking up. In a watered down glass of phony indie pop and cookie cutter rock, The Beat Seekers bring you a shot of genuine American Rock n' Roll. The band is centered around prolific lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter Keith Fertwagner and has made three records since the bands conception in 2009. The newest release "LOUD AND F**K!NG CLEAR" displays a wide array of influences and subject matter that is not easy to define, but definitely easy to swallow. The songs go from Guns N' Roses style riffing to punk rock anthems with a dash of twang and 70's rock, while still maintaining a modern edge and pop sensibility. Let's just say if music were soup, this batch wouldn't lack ingredients, and it would taste pretty fucking good.

Throughout the Beat Seekers existence hardships, setbacks, and dumb luck have only made the fire burn hotter for Keith, and there is a flat out refusal to go away quietly. While there's been no shortage of adversity, there has also been no shortage of the need to overcome it. Some people make music because they want to, but some people do it because they have no other choice. In a world where everything is shiny and plastic, The Beat Seekers offer a healthy dose of something heartfelt and meaningful. The Beatles wanted to hold your hand. The Stones wanted to burn down your town. The Beat Seekers want to hold your hand while burning down your town, taking over the airwaves, and starting a revolution. We're all in this shit together, let's make it count.

Keith's songs have been featured in television shows such as 90210, One Tree Hill, Shameless, and Big Love to name a few, as well as movie trailers, video games, and the movie "Warrior". He has also shared the stage with Social Distortion, Joan Jett, Rancid, John Doe, Sum 41, AFI, and many more

Lookout Lounge

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