The Broke Loose Album Release at Reverb Lounge

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The Broke Loose Album Release

with Anthems & Edison & the Elephant

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Hailing from Omaha, Nebraska, The Broke Loose is a four-piece original rock band that mixes equal parts Americana, power pop and punk, drawing on a decades-spanning array of influences and connecting the dots with a cohesive, melodic growl that is as difficult to classify as it is easy to fall for.

The band - all Omaha and Lincoln music-scene veterans - delivers a diverse set of songs that are low on production gloss and high on memorable hooks and heartbeat. Its high-energy live show conjures a bewitching brew of roots rock and alt-country charged up with classic pop, rock and punk. think The Replacements and Teenage Fanclub meet Social Distortion in a rumble refereed by a young Springsteen, and you start to get the idea.

Formed in 2012, The Broke Loose spent the latter half of that year crafting its initial batch of songs and the first half of 2013 dipping its toes in the water of the Nebraska live-music scene, with well-received appearances at Omaha's Barley Street Tavern and Lincoln's Knickerbockers. With a midyear personnel change behind the drum kit, the band is spending the summer tightening the bolts, revving its engine and adding to its ever-growing set, with a return to the local venues planned for 2014.

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Reverb Lounge


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