The Clincher | Tetelestai | Khymah

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The Clincher

with Tetelestai & Khymah

Tickets: $8

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All ages / Doors at 7pm

THE CLINCHER is a female fronted Metal/Hard Rock band hailing from Omaha, Nebraska. This band's high energy performances and brutally groovy sound have connected them with audiences from all over the United States and beyond. Whether The Clincher is playing with local or national acts, they deliver a live show that is both prolific in it's own right and memorable through the music's connection with the crowd. These attributes have presented opportunities to share the stage with such acts as: Kittie, Otep, Mushroomhead, Soulfly, Anvil, Avatar, Crowbar, One-Eyed Doll, Open Your Eyes, Shadowside, Through Fire, Eyes Set to Kill, Ghoul, Night Demon, Stitched Up Heart, Doll Skin, September Mourning, Red Fang, and Dead Horse Trauma.

Currently, The Clincher, has a few irons in the fire and are hard at work writing and perfecting new material. They are also working on a massive new promo campaign, prepping to get back on the road, and preparing to record their highly anticipated full length album. With their fan base continuously growing and horizons expanding, these musicians are plotting the next move to propel the band forward and evolve it to the next level.

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