The Color Morale with Vanna, Slaves, & Alive Like Me

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The Color Morale

with Vanna, Slaves, & Alive Like Me

TICKETS: $15 ADV / $17 DOS, available 1/23 at 10:00am

´┐╝´┐╝Life brings two kinds of pain: the kind that hurts and the kind that transforms.

THE COLOR MORALE stands with their fans. Hurting together. Healing together. Strengthening each other through the common bonds of brokenness, suffering and a hope for redemption. The group's ever-building following stands with them, too: they made the Alternative Press cover stars' third album #1 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart and flood their social media channels with heartfelt messages of encouragement.

The Color Morale is conscious of the power of heavy riffs, big melodies and impassioned truths to relieve and communicate. The idea behind Hold On Pain Ends, is as refreshingly simple as the old adage, "If you're going through Hell Keep going."

On their fourth album and first for Fearless Records, the Alternative Press cover stars and Breakthrough Band nominees explore new depths of power, emotion and feeling.

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