The Cramps Ultra Twist Soirée! with DJ Madam Olga with Empty Room - A Benny Ford Photography Exhibit

Kyle Branecki 74 views

This is Lux Interior, superlative music critic extraordinaire, at this time announcing the following audio avalanche of ram-charged boogaloo and topless strip-gear gyration! It's absolutely different! You'll hate yourself if you miss it! Bawdier than "Tobacco Road" and earthier than God's Little Acre! Music of anti-social significance in scintillating stereo! You'll wince! You'll shudder! It will live in your memory forever!!!!!

"The Cramps Ultra Twist Soirée!" Featuring DJ Madam Olga. A record hop that celebrates the 33 years of The Cramps innuendo laden lyrics and sexual rhythms of purists' rock n' roll! Hot rods and hot pants welcome! Starting the night off with the debut of Empty Room - A Benny Ford Photography Exhibit. At The Luxurious REVERB LOUNGE, 9PM Sharp!

Squares, beware!

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Reverb Lounge


Located in the heart of Benson, Reverb is a welcome addition to the list of venues in Omaha. With a state-of-the-art sound and lighting...