The Delgado Brothers Band

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The Delgado Brothers Band deliver a mighty musical expression of artistic soul,

rhythm and blues all spiced up with a fiery blend of hand crafted original music.

Beloved for their live shows and renowned for their signature LA sound, the

Delgado Brothers are a delicious fusion of soaring guitar virtuosity, melodious

harmonies, and rock solid musicianship. Yet the main reason their music strikes

such a universal chord is their message in the music lyrics reflect and reveal the

ethos and pathos of our common humanity.

Native Angelenos, recording artists and the subject of a feature length

Rockumentary film, "In Time", The Brothers, Joey D on guitar, Steve on drums, big

brother Bob on bass and David Kelley on Hammond B3 all out on stage

performance promises to delight, inspire dance, uplift and maybe even bring a

tear to your eye.

Critically acclaimed for their Greek Theater performance, and their volume of all

original songs featured on three self produced cd's, "Let's Get Back", " A Brothers

Dream", and "Learn to Fly".

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