The Enigma Live! - Official O Comic Con After-Party

Sarah Cooper 1,105 views

A free after-party for O Comic Con attendees (21+)! An evening of ODDITY and HARD ROCK featuring the incredible ENIGMA, who will be at O Comic Con Friday and Saturday! Who is The ENIGMA? What is THE ENIGMA? Is he man? Is he monster? Is he entertainer extraordinaire? YES! At midnight, he will AMAZE and SHOCK you with feats of the unknown & bizarre, along with plenty of laughs!

Local hard rockers Desiato and When Towers Fall will provide an evening of incredible music: Check out their music links here:

This event is FREE to all O Comic Con attendees, just show your con pass (any pass, any day) at the door! If you ARE NOT attending the con, a limited number of general public passes may be purchesed here for $11 each:

These are paperless passes- just show your ID at the door and your name will be on our list. All sales final.

This evening of fun brought to you by Dr. San Guinary's Creature Feature & The Scream in the Dark Film Festival (Oct. 14-16). Special thanks to Black Squirrel Tattoo in Omaha!

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