The Fine Constant & Felix Martin at Lookout Lounge

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The Fine Constant At Lookout Lounge

With Special Guests:

Felix Martin


Flourishing Illusions

Autumn Paradox

Doors: 6:30, Show: 7:00


EVERYONE needs to provide a valid ID in order to secure entry. Patrons under 18 will need to provide a NOTARIZED parental permission form >, per city of Omaha ordinance.


The Fine Constant

The Fine Constant is an instrumental prog band from Madison, WI. The band formed in May of 2012 when Sarah Longfield reached out to her compatriots in order to begin performing her solo material in a live setting. From then on, TFC thrived as a stand alone project, currently with two full length releases under their belt. They are known for the uniqueness and technically of their music, presented through a dynamic live performance.

Felix Martin

FELIX MARTIN is a Venezuelan guitarist who is pioneering a style of playing the electric guitar by performing simultaneously with two of them as if they were one, creating a completely new sound on the instrument.Felix is pushing music into new boundaries by mixing Rock and Metal with different styles such as Jazz, Progressive, World, Latin, Fusion, etc. The uniqueness of his guitars and technique allows him to create distinguished sounds that makes the music sound unique.Felix has toured with his band that includes Berklee Alumni drummers and bassist Kilian Duarte throughout the USA, Europe and South America. Played in festivals such as Progressive Nation, SXSW, Euroblast, Tech-Fest and many more.Felix uses his self-designed 14 and 16-string guitars, which are two regular guitars in one, in a way never seen or heard before. This opens up a new and hidden world for the electric guitar and instrumental music. Felix pioneered this style of playing at the age of 13, and as of 2014, he remains the only one in the world who plays this way.Felix Martin and his band are currently recording a highly anticipated self-titled album, as well as touring around the release date.


Antares is a 5 piece band from Omaha, Ne that started in 2012For fans of The Contortionist, Periphery, Between the Buried and Meand those who share our love for music.

Autumn Paradox

KILL IT WITH FIRE was a genre bending metal band out of Lincoln, Nebraska, which incorporated elements of metalcore and electronic themes. We jammed out, played shows, got pissed, partied, and dropped two albums and an EP in the process.

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