The Giraffes w/ Bullet Proof Hearts and DCYC

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Doors at 8:00pm

Front Room

$12 Advance/$14 Day of Show

All ages show. Check entry requirements at

The Giraffes

'To put it simply: The Giraffes are what great rock 'n' roll forgot it was. They're incomparable on CD, and in-your-face The Giraffes live shows deliver time after time, even if you've seen them over and over again. The show is dangerous, comical, sinister, raunchy, and over the top all at once - they'll impress you technically while blowing out your ears, sharing cigs, whiskey, and beer, and of course, truly entertaining you in every sense of the word.' QRQ Magazine

"A front row seat at a Giraffes show meant getting caught in a beer rainstorm, as the band and audience members alike went flying into the crowd with wild abandon. Beer and bottles of Jameson were passed. Aaron made a noose out of the mic cord, wrapped it around his neck and gave it to the crowd to choke him while he forced lyrics past his collapsing trachea. A Giraffes performance is a spectacle you will never forget' ~ Brooklyn Vegan

"Metallica and Black Sabbath are the obvious touchstones, but the rhythm section clearly owns a copy of The Who's Greatest Hits as well. Drug addiction and soccer riots provide fodder for the lyrics, while the flammable guitar work could have only come from someone that's walked some of life's hard roads."

Bullet Proof Hearts

Bullet Proof Hearts is a band born out of desire. These four talented musicians have come together from a variety of influences converging on a single passion, and this passion is what makes the music they create extraordinary, singular, and simultaneously relevant, the logical progression rock 'n' roll sorely needs at this pause in music, during this painful evolution, during this silence and moment of mania. The passion that knits the sounds and persons of Bullet Proof Hearts together-the je ne se quoi if you will-is a deep and encyclopedic knowledge (understanding?) of the music that came before them, technical know how, and, most significantly, an obvious need to make music and say the things that need to be said.

The music couldn't be better. The sound embodies a style of hard driving rock with hooky

guitars and puts them right at home in the underground rock genre. Some might say punk. Some might say alternative. We say essential because Bullet Proof Hearts is a song-orientated band with plenty of melody hooks. All of their songs are catchy, easy to sing along to, and easy to

remember combining the members' love of classic punk rock and power pop to produce its

distinctive, loud assault. The songs are full of influence and a pensive rage ready to be unleashed, but unlike a lot of sloppy music the emotion is harnessed rather than splashed out in swathes of shit-brown, tear-stained streaks. The musicianship is precise instead of adequate, the writing is proficient instead of sloppy and inconsequential. The band aspires to much more than simple songs played

earnestly; this band seeks to create on the same terms by which all great music is fashioned

with skill, vision and need. And they do.

The experience of BPH's band members may prove them to be an ideal lineup for such a band. The four members teamed up in 2011 and have been working at full-throttle ever since to create

important music in the service of joining the immortal conversation in rock that has been written and recorded during the last half-century plus for those of us fortunate ones who have been present to hear.

Bullet Proof Hearts has played with such bands as T.S.O.L., Supersuckers, Cheetah Chrome, The Humpers, Rikk Agnew, The Magnolias, and many others.


Straight from the pits of the north side of omaha nebraska comes a hardcore punk band that will blast your face off to the bone.

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