The Guhmball at The Waiting Room

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The Guhmball


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Doors at 8pm / all ages

Guhmi is the music duo between Danny Canick and Nick Hyde. Danny was born in San Diego, CA, and Nick was born in Vero Beach, FL and at an early age they both moved to Omaha, NE. The first instrument they both picked up was the drums. You would think they would of met earlier in life, but the two first met after high school in 2010. Danny was a bedroom producer by the name of Elephantz. At the time Nick was touring the Midwest and booking shows under the alias Mr. Hyde. Nick

found Dannys music though a common friend and booked him for his first show at a hookah bar in Omaha. The two hit it off right away finding a lot of influence in each other. They are now producing under the name Guhmi, a multi genre blend of pop, bass, and anything that is fun tolisten to. Taking over shows and festivals with an unforgettable set that will leave you asking who these guys are.

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