The Inbetweens and The Renfields w/ Patrick Bradley

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The Inbetweens and The Renfields w/ Patrick Bradley

Doors at 7 p.m. | Music at 8 p.m.

$5 | 21+

The Inbetweens formed in May, 2013 after local roots kingpin Josh Hoyer demanded that Kristen Bailey step out of early retirement from the Lincoln music scene. Never one to disobey orders to rock, Ms. Bailey approached her sister Meghan and her niece Mackenzie and made a demand of her own: Meghan, buy an accordion off eBay and learn to play it. Mackenzie, here's a standard 20-inch DeWalt hand saw. Learn how to play it with this violin bow. Compliance runs in the family, and the sister and the niece did as they were told.

A few months later, Patrick Nichols, a killer guitar player and local rock and roll frontman, fell suddenly from heaven and agreed to see if he could wrangle a bass and learn how to play it. Wrangle and learn he did, and The Inbetweens became an actual band rather than an excuse to drink on Meghan's patio three nights a week.

After their first show at Omaha's The Waiting Room in November, 2013, The Inbetweens added Cody Heinke on drums, but after several months, the young sound engineer soon became highly indispensable around town, and he gracefully bowed out. Kristen's first thought was BEN ARMSTRONG, but knowing how busy he is and how many bands before her had approached him to play for them, she spent a week carefully crafting an email designed to gentle him out of his own early retirement. Ten bullet points outlining why he should join The Inbetweens were undeniably compelling, and Ben began working with the band in April, 2014. His magic stixxx transformed the band from pretty good to goddamn beautiful, as vibe-oriented, poetic drummers will do.

The Inbetweens have been described as "delicate but deadly" and "gorgeous, ethereal pop with a sharp edge." Their sound is somewhere in the neighborhood of incidental opulent pop, primitive cerebral roots and lo-fi spectral folk. Songwriter Kristen Bailey's darkly introspective lyrics are in turn haunting and hopeful, and her vocal stylings are ominous and unearthly, held aloft by moody instrumentation and clever sonic filigrees.

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